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Flowers in Glass Jar

Substance Use Disorders

Substances ranging from alcohol to marijuana to opiates can become problems when use is characterized by maladaptive patterns leading to significant impairment in one's personal, work, and social lives.  Tolerance; withdrawal; and increased time spent in obtaining the substance are indicators of problematic use.  

Advances have been made in the treatment of substance use disorders. For example, Suboxone is helpful to suppress opiate withdrawal and craving.  It is prescribed in an outpatient setting, reducing the disruptiveness of treatment to work and family life where appropriate.  

Treatment of alcohol dependence involves a comprehensive approach that may include therapy, sober coaching, support groups, as well as an evaluation for medications that may help significantly reduce craving and relapse.

I have significant experience in helping people identify triggers and manage impulses.  I work with people to create a plan that helps them get out of the destructive cycle of addiction.

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